Green Certificates


Green Key

Green Key is the international eco-label for businesses in the tourism and leisure industry that are implementing Corporate Social Responsibility in an official and verifiable way. The Green Key certification guarantees the entrepreneur’s commitment to make a difference on an environment level, more than is required by rules and regulations.


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Green Globe

Green Globe is a global certification program for sustainable travel and tourism. It focuses on economically, socially and environmentally responsible management. The Green Globe requirements concern a well-functioning environmental management system, compliance with local environmental policies, contribution to the protection of nature and the environment on a local level and providing employment of the local population.


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Certified Green


Certified is the quality certification for the demanding traveller. Certified was founded more than 15 years ago as hotel certification by the VDR Business Travel Association. The aim was to offer business travellers an appropriate hotel offer. They critically and independently rate hotels, apartments, event locations and ships.


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