End of Year Hotels

End of year possibilities for your company

If you are looking for end-of-year opportunities for your company at Van der Valk, you may consider contacting a specific Van der Valk location near you. Each Van der Valk hotel has its own packages and offers for end-of-year business events, including end-of-year celebrations. We have bundled them for you below and displayed them per hotel.

What is possible?

  • End-of-year dinners / lunch: Many Van der Valk hotels offer special end-of-year dinners and lunches for business groups. This can be a festive dinner buffet, an à la carte menu or even a specially composed menu. You can contact the hotel to discuss availability and options.
  • End-of-year drinks: End the year with your colleagues in one of our sky bars, hotel bars or halls.
  • Business events: Van der Valk often has well-equipped meeting and event spaces that are suitable for end-of-year gatherings, such as seminars, conferences, and parties. You can inquire about availability and prices for renting these spaces.
  • Overnight Packages: If your business group plans to stay overnight, Van der Valk hotels can offer attractive overnight packages for end-of-year celebrations. This may be a special rate for overnight stays, including breakfast.
  • Festive decorations and entertainment: Some Van der Valk locations can also arrange festive decorations and entertainment for your end-of-year event. Think of live music, DJs, or thematic decorations to improve the atmosphere.
  • Customization: Contact the specific Van der Valk hotel to discuss your specific wishes and needs. They can provide tailor-made solutions that match your corporate end-of-year celebrations.