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Business outdoor activities at Van der Valk

Are you looking for the perfect location for your outdoor business activities? At Van der Valk we can offer you a wide range of options. We would be happy to discuss with you how we can fulfill your wishes within one or more of our 71 locations. Would you like to receive tailored advice for your next offsite event? Please contact our Van der Valk Business Service Desk, they will provide you with all information.

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At Van der Valk it is possible to book both indoor and outdoor teambuilding sessions. With a wide range of more than 792 rooms and 71 locations, the majority of which can also offer outdoor options, there is always a suitable match for your teambuilding at Van der Valk.

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Corporate Party

Have you reached a business milestone and would you like to celebrate it with an outdoor company party? At Van der Valk we are happy to advise you with over 85 years of experience regarding your company party. Will you be dancing under the starry sky right away?

Outdoor Meetings

From meetings on private terraces to meetings in the vegetable garden or in nature, it is all possible at Van der Valk. Be surprised by the versatility of our hotels, together with you we will make the perfect match with the hotel that meets your outdoor meeting needs.

Business BBQ

A cozy BBQ with the whole team as a celebration of an anniversary or achieved result? Or would you like to use a BBQ as the start or end of an event or meeting? Several Van der Valk Hotels provide BBQs and themed meals in the open air.

E-Chopper tour

Want to get some fresh air during a company outing or during the break of a seminar? At many Van der Valk Hotels it is possible to rent E-choppers.


Many of our Van der Valk Hotels offer a wide range of incentive options. Please contact our service desk so that they can help you map out your wishes.

Sporty Breaks

Do you want all participants of your business meeting to get a boost between the different programs or during the break? How about a boxing clinic, yoga class or healthy walk through the surrounding nature?

Business Dinner

Would you like to dine at Van der Valk with your company? Discover our surprising food and beverage concepts in beautiful outdoor locations that we can fill in for you according to your wishes.

Customized outdoor event

A clinic on location, a meeting day in a vineyard, a meeting in combination with a boat trip or covered tilt car, a sports day at one of our hotels? Our Van der Valk Business Service Desk is happy to think along with you to find a suitable location and to make a tailor-made package for you in collaboration with the hotel in question.